AYINGER CELEBRATOR Aying, Germany. 6.7 % Doppelbock. 11.2 oz. 
World class doppelbock. Dark, rich and complex with hints of molasses and roasted malts.
BECK'S Bremen, Germany. 4.9 % German Pilsener. 11.2 oz. 
Crisp, golden colored brew with a bitter hoppy bouquet. Clean, dry finish.
ERDINGER Germany. 5.3% Hefeweizen. 11.2oz. 
Brewed all-naturally, using traditional bottle-fermentation, never pasteurized.
World's #1 Hefe-Weizen.
FRANZISKANER HEFE-WEISSE Munich, Germany. 5.00 % Hefeweizen. 16.9 oz. 
Cloudy and light, but firm body. Lemon citrus dominates. Hints of banana, clove and caramel.
FRANZISKANER HEFE-WEISSE DUNKEL Munich, Germany. 5.0 % Dunkelweizen. 16.9 oz. 
Dark version of a hefeweizen. Complex dry and toasted malt. Wheat twang and mild fruit.
HACKER PSCHORR WEISS Munich, Germany. 5.5 % Hefeweizen. 16.9 oz. 
Bold and juicy, golden orange wheat beer. Spicy flavors up front with a lemon hop snap.
ST. PAULI GIRL Bremen, Germany. 4.9 % German 
Pilsener. 12 oz. 
Light and crisp up front. Floral, zesty hop bitterness and light sulfur flavors. Dry finish.
SCHNEIDER AVENTINUS Kelheim, Germany. 8.2 % Weizenbock. 16.9 oz. 
Gold standard of the style. Full body with spicy clove, sweet alcohol, fruity rum, and chicory.
SPATEN LAGER Munich, Germany. 5.2 % Munich Helles Lager. 12 oz. 
Hops and malts more balanced than pilsners. Crisp with lemon hints. Grain and hop finish.
WARSTEINER DUNKEL Warstein, Germany. 4.9 % Munich Dunkel Lager. 11.2 oz. 
Smooth and rich without being heavy. Hints of caramel and mild apple with a dry finish.
WEIHENSTEPHANER HEFE-WEISSBIER Freising, Germany. 5.4 % Hefeweizen. 16.9 oz. 
Medium body with malted wheat and barley, earthy yeast, hints of lemon, clove, and nuts.
KALIBER Dublin, Ireland. .50% Low Alchol 12 oz. 
Nice medium to dark amber color. Taste is sweet and malty with a light grain finish.

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