AMSTEL LIGHT Amsterdam, Netherlands. 3.5 % Light Lager 12 oz. 
Your dad drank this beer while you were growing up when he was going high class.
CORONA AND CORONA LIGHT Mexico City, Mexico. 4.6 % (Light is 3.7 %) American Adjunct Lager 12 oz. 
Most popular Mexican beer in the USA. Served with a lime. Limes prevent scurvy. Really!
FOSTER'S Southbank, Australia. 5.0 % American Adjunct Lager 25.4 oz. 
Australian for: "I just finished mowing my lawn and this is the only damn thing in my fridge."
HEINEKEN Zoeterwoude, Netherlands. 5.0 % Euro Pale Lager 12 oz. 
In its iconic green bottle, Heineken was popularized in the USA by returning GIs after WWII.
NEGRA MODELO Mexico City, Mexico. 5.4 % Munich Dunkel Lager 12 oz. 
This medium bodied dark beer has lightly balanced malt sweetness and hop bitterness.
PILSNER URQUELL Plzen, Czech Republic. 4.4 % Czech Pilsner 12 oz.
The grandfather of the style. Most popular lagers brewed globally are based on this beer.
RED STRIPE Kingston, Jamaica. 4.7 % American Adjunct Lager 12 oz. 
Helping our white friends dance for over seventy years. Jah mon!
SAPPORO PREMIUM Tokyo, Japan. 5.0 % Japanese Rice Lager 22 oz. 
Made with the same rice that powers the Honda Civic.

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